Usman Khawaja’s All Talk with ICC & Cricket Australia

Usman Khawaja after the arm band incident will be talking with the ICC. According to Khawaja his band that he was wearing was just his personal bereavement.

ICC charged Khawaja for the armband issue which he wore at the Perth Test. Before the test match he wore shoes in which it was written for the support of Gaza people, which says, ‘all lives are equal’ and ‘freedom is a human right’. But he taped those messages and hid them and in return he wore a black armband.

In his reply he mentioned how Cricket Australia helped him and listened to his point of view with patience. Also he had a great briefing with the ICC where both of them put their points. He further stated that he doesn’t have any motto regarding the incident, just wanted to show faith in humanity.      

Now he came with the reply over his action on the Perth Test:

“I am not wearing the armband again. as I said to the ICC, the armband was a personal bereavement. My shoes were very obvious and I didn't wear them, I tape them up and left it at that.  I am going to be totally honest. The conversation I have had with Nick and cricket Australia have been great, very supportive. Dealing with the International Cricket Council, I don’t think being reprimanded for wearing a black armband, they asked me on day two what it was for and told them it was a personal bereavement. I never ever stated it was for anything else.
The shoes were a different matter, I’m happy to say that. The armband makes no sense to me. I followed all the regulations, past precedents, guys that put stickers on their bats, names on their shoes, done all sorts of things in the past without ICC approval and never been reprimanded. I respect the ICC and the rules and regulations they have. 
I will be asking them and contesting they make it fair and equitable for everyone and they have consistency in how they officiate. Cricket Australia’s been very good. We've been working together. I have supported Cricket Australia and they have supported me too. From my point of view, I just want consistency. I was very open and honest with that. I will deal with that with the ICC.  
I don’t have any agendas other than to shine a light on what I feel very passionate and strong about. I’m trying to do it in the most respectful way possible. What I wrote on my shoes, I thought about it for a while. I made sure I didn’t want to segregate different parts of the population, religious beliefs and community. 
I wanted it to be really broad over my speaking because I’m speaking about humanitarian issues. I’m talking about article one in the unified declaration of human rights. The reason I’m doing it is because it hit me hard. 
I told Nick that when I’m looking at my Instagram and seeing innocent kids, videos of them dying, passing away, that’s what hit me the hardest. I just imagine my young daughter in  my arms and the same thing. I get emotional talking about it again. I don’t have any hidden agendas. If anything this brings up more negativity towards me, attacking me.
I don’t get anything out of this. I just feel like it’s my responsibility to speak up on this. We live in such a beautiful country. I’m blessed to live in Australia. I can walk outside, and I don't have to worry about anything. My kids can do the same. I just want that for the rest of the world.”

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