Privacy Policy

At Cricbom, we assure you that we protect your privacy. 

  • Information Collection and use:

We may collect the following types of information from the users at the

Personal Information: When you sign up or getting involved in any activities on our website, we may collect certain personal informations like name, e-mail address and contact details. We get those information to provide you our services, improve user experience and keep you updated with the latest feeds.  

Non personal information: we may also collect non personal data automatically like IP address, browser type and details and demographic information for internal purposes. 

  • Cookies:

We also use cookies and some related services and technologies to enhance the user experience, track website usage and deliver personalized content. When you use our website that means that you show the consent to use the cookies. Further you can go to your browser settings to use or manage the cookies preferences. 

  • Data sell and security:

We assure you that we do not sell or trade your personal data or information to any other website or third parties without your consent. Only by following the law do we use the personal data shared by the users. We take proper steps to safeguard the personal data and information provided by the users so that no harm will happen.

  • Images or Videos:

The image or videos which we use or share will be visible to other users and the public. We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy, reliability or legality of any content. 

If you believe that the images or videos used in our website are copyright then you feel free to reach us from the contact us section in our website.  

  • Third party links:

We might also contain links to third party websites, applications or services. We are totally in favour that if you visit any external website then you may go through their privacy policies.

  • Data Retention:

We retain your personal data and information as long as it is required under our privacy policy. 

  • Child’s Privacy:

We do not willingly collect any personal information of any children who are minors. If any of the minors provided any personal data or information  then the parents or guardian may contact us to remove their data.  

  • Your Rights:

You can anytime modify your personal data or delete it permanently or can access anytime if you want.

  • Request Data Deletion:

To have all your personal data permanently deleted from this platform, you can submit a request to the publishers. Click here to send your request for account data deletion. (

  • Changes to the policy: 

We might change the privacy policy from time to time as required.