TATA’s masterstrokes after bagging IPL 2024 sponsorship

TATA group will again be seen as the title sponsor of IPL 2024. They locked a deal of five years (2024 – 2028) with the BCCI. 

The deal is of INR 2500 crore (US$ 301 million approx) for the next five years which is 13.7% more than the other previous title sponsor. 

IPL chairman Arun Singh Dhumal said, “The collaboration with TATA Group for the title sponsorship of IPL 2024-28 is a significant milestone in IPL’s journey. The record-breaking sum of INR 2500 crore by TATA Group is a testament to the immense value and appeal that the IPL holds in the world of sports.This unprecedented amount not only sets a new benchmark in the history of the league but also reaffirms the IPL’s position as a premier sporting event with global impact. TATA Group’s commitment to cricket and sports is truly commendable, and we look forward to scaling new heights together and providing fans with unparalleled cricketing entertainment.

Earlier the title sponsor was Vivo who served the services from 2018 to 2022 and paid INR 2199 crore (approx US $341 million at that time). Since Vivo is a Chinese company the deal ended in the starting of 2022 due to some political tensions between both the countries. 

Then in 2022 and 2023 TATA Group served as the title sponsor in both the years after paying INR 670 crores for the two years. They are also serving in WPL (Womens Premier League) which was held last year in India. 

BCCI secretary Jay Shah said, “This collaboration embodies the spirit of growth, innovation, and a mutual dedication to excellence. The unprecedented financial commitment reflects the immense scale and global impact of the IPL on the international sports stage.

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