Williamson’s Comeback Drama Unfolds in South Africa

Kane Williamson who is injured after playing two T20s against Pakistan, might be seen in action against South Africa in the T20 series which will start on 4th February in Mount Maunganui.  

Kiwis head coach Gary Stead confirmed the news that he is confident that the regular skipper of the team will join the team in the upcoming series. Kane has been in and out in the recent past few months. 

Due to his hamstring injury he missed starting a few matches in the ODI World Cup and when returned got injured against Bangladesh, and then after missing more 4-5 matches. Now again in the T20 series against Pakistan, he was looking good but then after the 2nd T20 he had to leave the squad due to his injury. 

Stead said,

“I’m confident he will be alright. He’s probably got another day or two before he starts back into training and it was a minor niggle, which is a good thing. So, we didn’t want to aggravate it and didn’t see the point of aggravating it with the important series that are ahead. He’s obviously a key player and we know that and we want to make sure we’ve given him every chance of being available.”

He further stated that he is in touch with Trent Boult who is currently playing in the ILT20 league for MI Emirates. He throws a spark by saying that Boult might join the team in the Proteas series but not 100% confirm about his presence. Also the T20 World Cup is coming in which Boult will play a crucial role for lifting the trophy. He said,

“I was texting with him last night actually. Trent and I are going to have a conversation this week just about the future and what that looks like for him and where it fits for us as well. We’re still to have those, but we will connect this week and will work out. He could be available but I’m not 100% sure.

Again I will have a conversation with Trent but at the moment, I think probably not. It’s very hard to see how you come from a T20 diet back into Test consideration with no cricket before that.”

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