Mitchell Starc prioritized Test matches more than IPL

Australian pacer, Mitchell Starc who created a sensation during the auction of the Indian Premier League (IPL) picked red ball cricket over white ball. 

Recently during the auction in the IPL 2024, he created a record as was picked by Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in 24.75 crores, which is the highest till date in the history of this tournament. He became a hot topic in the auction.  

He added more about the Pakistan pace attack and about the role in the upcoming series against West Indies.  

In a recent interview at the MCG he said, 

“Red ball is still top of the tree for me. I think my body will let me know ( when it's time to give up) test cricket before I want to. but it's an opportunity next year. It's a Lot quieter, there's no Test match between the ones in New Zealand  in March and the summer next year. There’s a T20 World Cup, it's a nice lead to that with the IPL and the quality of cricket that tournament presents. In terms of the schedule it's much more quiet.
It's certainly not a schedule like what we had in the Ashes. we have had a few days in between Perth and coming to Melbourne, and then there's a few days between the Pakistan series and West Indies series. We look back at the Ashes schedule and having six test matches in 8 weeks was something that doesn't happen all the time. the way we are all feeling at the minute we are ready to go.
 I think everyone was slightly surprised at the lower pace of the Pakistan bowlers, when you are generally used to some guys getting in the 150s. I don't think that paste is the be all and all but it certainly helps please apart and can help. case in point you look at Scotty bowland who can ball well, but he is not at your top end of page bowlers. but he generates a lot of sideways movement here in Melbourne, obviously being his home ground. 
He has done it for a long time and we saw that obviously against England, where every ball he could have been a wicket. so I don't think it will be all and all. Certainly for our attack we all compliment Each Other really well by doing things very differently.”

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