Wasim Akram admits Bumrah has more control than him

One of the lethal pace bowlers in the 90’s, Wasim Akram is much impressed with the rhythm and bowling line and length of Jasprit Bumrah. 

Akram is considered to be one of the greatest pace bowlers in the history of cricket. He was the first player to take 500 international ODI wickets. 

When India won their last match against England by 100 runs, then Wasim Akram praises the Indian pacer on A Sports, he said, 

“He is the best in the world right now. Top of the ladder. The control, the pace, the variations, just a complete bowler. A treat to watch. With the new ball with this kind of movement on this kind of pitch…..pace, carry, follow through, you name it he’s a complete bowler.”

In comparison to the new ball, Akram added, 

“When Bumrah is bowling to a left-hander from around the wicket and hits the ball on the seam…. And when bowling from wide of the crease, the batter will think the ball is coming inside. He will play from that angle, but the ball hits the pitch and moves away rather than coming in. Most of the time, you are going to be beaten. When I used to bowl outswingers like that to right handed batters with the new ball, sometimes I couldn’t control the ball also. But Bumrah definitely has better control with the new ball than myself.”

In this World Cup, India is undefeated and won all their 6 matches. They are considered to be a strong contention for Cup holders.

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