IPL’s big twist as two major matches rescheduled

Two matches of IPL 2024 have been rescheduled due to the festival. 

The match between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) which was earlier to be played on April 17th In Kolkata, has now been shifted to April 16th. The reason cited behind this declaration was that on 17th, the Ram Navami (Indian festival) will be there and there will be a huge amount of security on that day and it will be difficult to manage both the things on the same day. So as a result the match has been shifted to one day before. 

Since the match coincides with Ram Navami and a portion of security is already deployed for elections. Therefore it won’t be possible for us to provide adequate security for the match on April 17,” Kolkata Police said in a letter to Cricket Association of Bengal president Snehasish Ganguly. 

On the other hand, the match between Gujarat Titans (GT) and Delhi Capitals (DC) which was to be played on April 16th in Ahmedabad has been shifted to April 17th. The exact reason for the shifting of this match is not known.   

Earlier the partial schedule for the 2024 IPL was announced in which 21 matches were shortlisted but later on as the dates for the general election in India got announced the full and remaining matches schedule was announced.

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