ICC to introduce this new rule in white ball cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) will implement a new rule known as stop clock in white ball cricket which means it can be seen in T20s and ODIs. It will be effective from June 2024, meaning in the T20 World Cup this rule can be seen. 

Under this rule, the fielding team will have to start a new over under 60 seconds when completed the previous over. A clock will start counting from 60 to zero seconds. The umpire will have to look at the clock and if the fielding team is unable to start a new over within 60 seconds then the umpire will give warning to the fielding team and in total two warnings can be given after that 5 penalty runs will be awarded to the opposition team. 

The rule was in a trial period which started in December and will be effective till April. 

ICC said in a statement, “The stop-clock is set to become permanent in all ODIs and T20Is from June 2024, starting with the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 in the West Indies and USA. The trial was supposed to run until April 2024, but the experiment has already yielded results in terms of timely completion of matches, saving approximately 20 minutes per ODI match.” 

ICC added reserve days for the T20 semis and final

Reserve days for the semi finals and final will be added in the T20 World Cup. 27th June for the Semi Finals whereas 29th June for the Final. 

In the league stages minimum 5 overs must be played by both the teams so the result can be declared while in the knockout rounds minimum 10 overs just be played by both the teams to get the result. 

Also the board clears the qualifications for the 2026 T20 World Cup which will be played in India and Sri Lanka. 20 teams will be participating in which 12 will be qualified automatically. 

Among those 12 teams, 8 will be selected on the basis of top 8 teams in the 2024 T20 WC while the remaining 4 will be selected according to their ranks. 

Whereas the remaining 8 slots will be filled by playing the ICC regional qualification round.

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