Former Star West Indies player banned from Cricket

One of the finest all rounders from West Indies, Marlon Samuels was banned from all forms of cricket (International or national) for 6 years. He was found guilty for breaching the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Anti-Corruption Code. His ban period will start from 11th November 2023. 

ICC HR and Integrity Unit head, Alex Marshall says,

“Samuels played international cricket for close to two decades, during which he participated in numerous anti-corruption sessions and knew exactly what his obligations were under the Anti-Corruption Codes. 

Though he is retired now, Mr Samuels was a participant when the offences were committed. The ban of six years will act as a strong deterrent toi any participant who intends to break the rules.”  

The four charges for which Samuels was found guilty are-

Article 2.4.2 (by a majority decision): Failing to disclose to the Designated anti corruption official the receipt of any gift, payment,  hospitality or other benefit that was made or given in circumstances that could bring the participant or the sport of cricket into disrepute.  

Article 2.4.3 (unanimous decision):  failing to disclose to the designated Anti Corruption official receipt of hospitality with the value of US $750 or more. 

Article 2.4.6 (unanimous decision): Failing to cooperate with the designated Anti Corruption officials investigation. 

Article 2.4.7 (unanimous decision): Obstructing or delaying the designated Anti Corruption officials investigation by concealing information that may have been relevant to the investigation. 

This was not the first time that he received a ban, earlier he was banned for 2 years by the ICC in May 2008 for receiving money, benefits or other rewards that bring the spirit of the game into disrepute. 

He was the highest run getter for the team in the finals of the 2012 and 2016 T20 World Cup.

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