Controversy: Abdul Razzaq Criticizes Indian Cricket

After his Aishwarya Rai comment, Abdul Razzaq took a dig at the Indian Cricket Team for not winning the World Cup. He thought it would be unfair if Indians won the tournament. 

In the Pakistan TV Show, Hasna Mana Hai, Razzaq said,

“If we talk honestly, cricket won today. By using your circumstances to your advantage, this would never have happened. If India wins today, then cricket will be on India’s side. Cricket made it clear that it is cricket who is brave, who is strong mentally, who makes effort, who lives, I am with them. 

….Happiness is what it is today, if India had won then we would have regretted a lot, because it made sense that it was exploiting those conditions. There should be absolutely fair pitches, there should be absolutely fair atmosphere, there should be balance for both the teams. Even today India took advantage if Kohli scored 100, India won the World Cup.”

Earlier he made inappropriate comments on Indian Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai for which he made an apology later on.

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