Sreesanth revealed what Gambhir said bad to him

After a huge controversy started between S Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir on the eliminator of the Legends League Cricket, the south pacer came to instagram live and revealed what Gautam said to him on the match day. 

In his live he said that Gambhir called him ‘FIXER’ during the match and he continuously called him that. Earlier Sreesanth said about the incident through his insta live that occurred during the match and he also mentioned that he will reveal what was the matter later on. 

Now as the matter got more heated up he again came live and revealed the full matter between them, he said

“Lot of channels have been calling me and a lot of people have been asking me questions about what happened. I am not going to spend a lot of PR that a lot of celebrities do to spread the wrong news. I just wanted to come live and tell you all straight , because rather than telling each and every channel one by one the same question again and again. I just wanted to clear the air again.

Yesterday I didn’t tell what he called me. His PR is obviously where he is and the money he can spend , I’m just a normal person. I fought my battle alone with my family, with my dear ones and with all your support.

Just wanting to clear this he kept on calling me on live television. I did not use not a single bad word, not a single abusive word to him. I only said what are you saying and in fact I kept on laughing in a sarcastic way because he kept calling me ‘FIXER’ , ‘YOU ARE A FIXER’, this was the language he used in live.

Even he told the umpire in the same language, when they were trying to control him. I must have moved away but he kept on saying the same word again and again. So all I want to say is if he kept fighting with all his colleagues, they must be having their PR. I’m not going to do anything with that kind of thing where every channel starts talking about what happened. 

This is the real truth. Whatever the video is circulating , whatever they are doing is just trying to keep that person in the best possible way. I just want to say that I didn’t use a single abusive word. Do support the real truth. He has been doing it with a lot of people, not just me. I have no idea why he started it. 

It was the end of the over when they lost even 1 wicket also. I have no idea what made him say it. All I can say is that his people are saying that he said ‘SIXER’, but he didn’t say this and said ‘YOU ARE A FIXER’. 

This is not the way to talk and I can take you to further higher, but I thought let it be but his people are saving him. I just request you all to not fall for that extra paid PR that other powerful powers do. I am just a normal person like you, just wanted to share my humble request. Please trust me on this. Lots of love and lots of respect. Jai Hind.”

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