Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife’s Unexpected Reply to Father-in-Law’s Question

Ravindra Jadeja and his wife and BJP MLA Rivaba Jadeja are in limelight due to Ravindra’s father’s allegations. 

Recently during an event when she was asked about the allegations that his father-in-law put against them, she said, “Why are we here today? You can contact me directly if you want to know about it.”

Just a few days back, Jadeja’s father Anirudhsinh Jadeja told in an interview that after the marriage his son (Ravindra Jadeja) changed a lot and he had never met since 4-5 years ago. He fully blamed this happened due to his daughter-in-law. He said that he is living alone in the same city in which his son lived. Both of them live separately and especially he is fully dependent on his wife’s pension from which his living is going. 

After these allegations, the Indian all-rounder came up with a reply that all allegations regarding his wife are false and scripted and the full matter is not yet said. He also further added that he will not reveal the full matter publicly since it is their personal matter.

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