Mohammad Shami’s selection controversy: Kolkata over U.P.

The star pacer for the Indian team in the World Cup, Mohammad Shami revealed how he was mistreated in the selection of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) and then later got selected in the Kolkata team. 

Shami was born in Amroha (a district in Uttar Pradesh). He was given his trial in the U.P. but was not selected in the team despite being given a brilliant trial. Later he gave trial to Tripura where he was again left out and then finally he gave his trials to Kolkata where he got selected and from there his Ranji journey began with the Bengal team.

In a recent interview with PUMA, he revealed some huge shocking facts about what happened during the trials in the U.P. and why he was not selected.

Mohammad Shami said, 

“I had gone to give trials for the UP Ranji Trophy team for 2 years, but whenever the final round came, they used to kick me out.” Shami said, ‘When I was not selected after the trials in the first year, I thought it didn’t matter. Will come again next time, but next year the same thing happened again. 

….My brother used to watch all this happening and used to stay with him. He was very sharp in this matter. When I went again the next year, the same thing happened, 1600 boys were there and the trials were going to last for 3 days. Brother said, I am not able to understand anything. A fair is going on here. Brother talked to the selection head. Brother got such an answer from him which he had never imagined in his life. The selector told my brother that if you can move my chair, then the boy will be selected. It’s very good. Otherwise, sorry.

….I was not selected even in Tripura. After this the coach sent me to Kolkata where there was a club trial, but there was less space there and I had difficulty in getting run-up. When I asked about this, I was told that runup would have to be taken in this limited space. After bowling 8-10 balls, I was stopped, then told that further information would be given regarding the selection.

….I had only Rs 1000 left and had left with Rs 2500. Money was spent on food and accommodation, but even after 2 days I was not informed. The club captain told me that your selection is almost certain, but the manager and CEO will tell you further. On the third day I was told that you have been selected, but you will not get the money. Only accommodation and food will be given.”

Shami was the highest wicket taker in the ICC 2023 WORLD CUP with 24 wickets in just 7 matches. Among those seven matches he took 3 times 5 wickets and his best was against New Zealand where he got 7 wickets and became the first Indian who touched the 7 wickets mark in the ODIs.

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