Controversy! Angelo Mathews Questions the Umpire

A new controversy arises in the field of cricket between Angelo Mathews and Shakib Al Hasan. Mathews was given out by timed out and became the first one in the history who got out through timed out. 

Although the match ended as Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka by 3 wickets and registered their 2nd victory of the World Cup.   

The matter was during the 25th over, when Shakib got the wicket of Sadeera Samarawickrama and then Mathews entered the field and he found that the strap of his helmet was broken and he suddenly addressed his dressing room to change the helmet without asking from the umpire. 

Suddenly, Bangladesh players found that it took too much time for changing the helmet and as a result Bangladesh skipper Shakib told the standing umpire for the time out. To this Mathews told the standing umpires and Shakib about scenarios. Then the standing umpires asked Shakib two times whether he wanted to withdraw his decision or not, to which he directly said ‘No’.

To this whole scenario, the fourth umpire Adrian Holdstock said to Ian Bishop

“ICC World Cup Cup playing conditions supersede the MCC laws of cricket. When it comes to the timed out at the Fall of a wicket or even retirement of a batter, the incoming batter has to be in position and ready to receive the ball within 2 minutes or his other partner to receive the ball in 2 minutes.

We have certain protocols where the TV Umpire at the fall of the wicket monitors the two minutes and he will then relay the message to the on-field umpires and in the instance this afternoon the batter wasn’t ready to receive the ball, within those two minutes even before the strap became an issue for him.

Yes, that’s correct, the two minutes already received the next delivery. According to Laws the fielding captain initiated the appeal to Erasmus who was the standing umpire that he wanted to appeal for time out. Just after the strap came loose the fielding captain appealed for time out.

As a batter you need to make sure you have all your equipment in place in order to make sure you get here. Actually you have to be ready to receive the ball within 2 minutes not get ready or prepare to take your guard. Technically you should be there within 15 seconds to make sure all these things are in place before you actually receive the ball.” 

Then Angelo Mathews replied through his social media handle where he disapproved of the decision of the fourth umpire and said “ 4th umpire is wrong here!  Video evidence shows I still had five more seconds even after the helmet gave away!  Can the 4th umpire rectify this please?  I mean safety is Paramount as I just could not face the bowler without a helmet”

After this he again through his social media handle shows the time stamp of his duration that there was still 5 seconds left through the screenshots.

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