Sreesanth, Gambhir in Trouble as LLC issue Legal Action

After a huge controversy between Sreesanth and Gambhir, Legends League Cricket (LLC) will issue an internal investigation and look after the exact matter of what happened on the match day and after the match. 

The matter starts when Sreesanth goes live just after the match and reveals that Gautam said inappropriate things to them which is unacceptable and later again goes live and says that Gautam called him ‘FIXER’ again and again.

The breach of code of conduct will look after the incidents that took place on and off the field as well. Any player who will be found guilty might get a huge punishment from the side. The use of social media as Sreesanth goes live after the incident will also be investigated well as it breaks the certain rules of the code of conduct.   

Then afterwards Gambhir posted a tweet (Now X) in which he gave a reply to the his former teammate allegations. Now as the incident goes more and more worse, LLC Head of Code Conduct and Ethics Committee Syed Kirmani said, 

“Legends League Cricket strives to uphold the spirit of cricket and sportsmanship and will conduct an internal investigation on the violation of the code of conduct. Any misconduct that has occurred both on and off the field including on social media platforms will be dealt with strictly. 

The code of conduct has clearly stated that necessary action will be taken against players that bring disrepute to the league, the spirit of the games and the teams that they are representing. We make our stand very clear and continue to work towards sharing the game with millions of cricketing lovers across the nation and world.”

After that LLC Ceo Raman Raheja said, “All players contracted in the Legends League Cricket are bound by certain terms related to misconduct and necessary action will be taken  as per the codes of conduct laid down by the Code of Conducts and Ethics Committee.”

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